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Sage 100 Contractor is a fully integrated suite of construction accounting, estimating, and project management applications for small to medium size companies. 

The Sage 100 Contractor Project Management application puts you in charge of the entire process.  You'll know exactly where you stand at any given point in time because all your project-related information is easily accessible from within one centralized system.  Your accounting processes are fully integrated and you're able to efficiently schedule projects to deliver quality work on time and on budget.

Avoid confusion and accounting inaccuracies, trust your financial numbers, improve cash flow, and reduce penalties, late fees, and other pitfalls. With a fully integrated suite of accounting, estimating, project management, and analysis functions, you will have a complete financial management snapshot throughout each phase of your business. 

Sage 100 Overview Brochure

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Major Benefit:

  • Compare up-to-the minute actual costs with budgeted costs.
  • Easily manage your RFIs, submittals, and other project documentation.
  • Simplify & automate invoice creation & bill paying.
  • Stay informed with user-defined automatic email alerts.
  • Avoid overpaying or double-paying bills.
  • Save time by eliminating accounting errors & financial discrepancies.
  • Eliminate late fees, overcharges, & other penalties.
  • Maintain budgets by company, by department, & by job.
  • Set up security by user & function.
  • Customize desktop & workflow maps to fit your needs.
  • The user-friendly interface allows for minimal learning curve.
  • Access over 1,200 buit-in reports with drill-down capability.

Key Features

  • Alerts: Automatic user-defined monitoring of data that communicates information via email or the dashboard
  • Customizable Desktop: Easy-to-use visual desktop with customizable workflow
  • Dispatch Board: Graphical and feature enhancements of the Dispatch Board
  • Interactive Dashboard: Dashboardallows a user defined visualization of company data, with supporting detail available through drill down.
  • Year-end Close Wizard
  • Human Resource Forms: Automatically create and store a comprehensive set of customizable human resource forms for employee and payroll management
  • Selected Field Encryption (Company State Tax ID's, Company Federal Tax ID, Employee Bank Account Numbers, Employee Social Security Number, Vendor Tax ID, Client Credit Card, Client Service Receivables Credit Card)

Accounts Payable

  • Tighter financial controls over your expenditures so you can avoid overpayments, double-payments, and fees.
  • Fully integrated with Purchase Orders, Subcontracts, Job Costing, and Inventory so you can complete your entire invoice entry in one step. The system compares each line of the invoice to the purchase order, preventing overpricing or over-delivery of items without your approval.  
  • Lessen the chances of fraud, mistakes, or supplier errors with automatic invoice entry from purchase orders.
  • Receive warnings when budgets, subcontracts, or purchase orders have been exceeded for improved job cost management.
  • Greater liability protection by track expiration dates on workers' compensation, liability insurance, and contractor licenses and get system warnings you before you pay subcontractors who have not supplied you with current documentation.

Accounts Receivable

  • Get paid faster with customized, automated billing.
  • Take advantage of different billing methods to automate and streamline your billing based on work performed, resulting in quicker invoicing and better cash flow.
  • Form Design allows you to customize invoices, statements, overdue reminders, and other documents with as many different formats as your company needs.
  • Call sheets and aging reports are also available for efficient collection management and processing.

General Ledger

  • Built-in security features and a tight audit trail help prevent theft, mistakes, and other financial irregularities.
  • Supports up to 10-digit account numbers.
  • True subsidiary ledgers are maintained so that data entry is simplified, with lookup windows for each controlling account.
  • Print custom financials and multi-company financials as well as standard accounting reports at any time for any period.
  • A bulletproof audit trail creates a secure system from accounting to job costs, complete with automatic auditing of all stored balances back to their original entries.
  • The easy-to-use Check Reconciliation feature makes reconciling to your bank statement a simple process for any number of checking or savings accounts.


  • Sage 100 Contractor handles even the most complex construction payroll activities including split rates and hourly calculations for workers' compensation.
  • Automatically generate accurate labor costs by calculating all your accruals as well as basic pay items on a line-by-line basis for every timecard.
  • Include any of the standard 401k, 408k, "cafeteria," and qualified benefit plans to save money on payroll taxes and workers' compensation. Even liability insurance and small-tool costs can be included in the payroll calculations and automatically posted to job costs.
  • Use the Form Design feature to create check stubs to accommodate your special needs and print compliance documents for employees.
  • Magnetic media reporting capability generates W-2s electronically.
  • Set up payroll calculations to override basic employee calculations, calculate only for certain localities, or use other calculations and create calculations for specific unions.
  • The paygroup function enables you to set up a benefit system and assign it to a paygroup. Then you can use the paygroup on any timecard line-the pay rates and benefits will be included automatically and override the regular employee rates. By taking credit for your qualified benefit plan, you'll never pay more than is necessary on prevailing wage jobs.
  • The Certified Payroll function gives you full credit for your qualified health or pension plan. The report is available in a number of formats, including minority and special state reports. Employee time can be categorized as exempt while on the job, as in the case of an employee working in your shop to fabricate materials.
  • For large payrolls, Sage offers daily field and staffing reports. Daily Payroll can be integrated with equipment management for allocation of equipment repair time and equipment cost to project costs so you can better manage the details of your business.

Desktop can be easily customized by the role performed within the company.  As the owner or project manager, you can drop and drag icons to the desktop for the features and reports you use on a regular basis. Get up and running quickly - just learn the components of the software you need to do your job.

Sage 100 Contractor job costing construction software provides extensive and comprehensive budgeting capabilities, putting you in control of each and every job before any work begins.

  • Estimate importing: Reduce data input time and ensure accuracy by importing budget information directly from Sage Master Builder estimates.
  • Detailed job costing: Use budget information as the basis for bonding, job status, cost to complete, Work in Progress (WIP), and other reports.
  • Cost-to-complete reports: Assign a percentage for the amount of work completed on each task to project what the actual cost to complete will be on a job.
  • Committed costs analysis: Get an accurate picture of real-time job costs and variances from budget to keep you on course.

Job Cost
With detailed job cost capability, gain complete control over your job costs before they become a problem. You can track actual versus budgeted cost variances on jobs as they progress. With this powerful job costing construction software, you can detect cost overruns early, so they can be adjusted sooner.

  • Actual cost to budgeted information - Compare actual costs to budget to facilitate more accurate decision making and course corrections.
  • Accurate job cost information - Precisely record and manage fully burdened labor, materials, supplies, equipment, and more.
  • More accurate future estimates - Review historical job cost information to apply to future estimates for continued profitability.
  • Job cost journals - Compare actual versus budgeted labor by crew to know how effectively you are estimating labor.
  • Bonding, WIP, and loan requirement documentation - Create accurate, specialized job cost reports as needed.
  • Change work management - Effectively track and invoice for all change work.
  • Automated time and materials billing - Save costs and data input time with automated time and materials billing direct from job cost information.

Sage 100 Contractor is more than just job costing construction software. Purchase orders help you schedule and track all job-related material deliveries to avoid wasting a crew's time when materials aren't available.  You can generate purchase orders from your completed estimates or generate them separately.  Sage Master Builder purchase orders - generated straight from your estimate - are fully integrated with Sage 100 Contractor accounting functions to give you:

  • Overpayment protection - Guard against overpaying or double-paying invoices.
  • Ordering flexibility - Order parts and materials in stages, as needed, to protect cash flow, improve inventory management, and reduce the risk of material losses.
  • Committed costs reports - See what money you've already committed to each job to catch potential budget overages before they happen.
  • Vendor-specific warnings - Protect your cash and your staff's time by only approving invoices that have a PO number or invoices not exceeding the PO amount.
  • Material status reports - Quickly see what has been ordered, delivered, and back-ordered to ensure your crews have the materials they need to keep jobs moving forward.

Manage your interaction with every subcontractor - retention, approved and open change orders, expired workers' compensation, and liability insurance—from start to finish.

  • Professional subcontracts with billing forms included--Properly document all subcontractor work, budgets, payment information, and more.
  • Double-payment or overpayment safeguards - Eliminate double-paying and double-billing by monitoring subcontractor billings and retention.
  • Certificates of insurance monitoring - Mitigate risk of expired subcontractor workers' compensation, liability insurance, safety certification, and more.
  • Subcontract change order management - Easily update subcontracts with changes. Monitor, open, and approve all subcontractor change work.
  • Subcontract audit report - Monitor the status of all subcontracts including changes, invoices, and balances remaining.

Change Order Management
Easily assure you get paid for all the work you do by updating your contract, budget, and subcontracts in just one step. Because you can approve each part of the change independently, you can still negotiate subcontracts after approval of the prime contract. Sage 100 Contractor will automatically update billing once change orders are approved.

  • Single screen monitoring - Use one screen to modify your prime contract, or any number of subcontracts and budget items, making updating simple and quick.
  • Professional customized change order forms - Include all change items, notes, costs, and time delays for complete documentation.
  • Change order status - Avoid starting work without written approval. Monitor all open and pending change orders.
  • Prime contract audit report - Avoid disputes and get paid more quickly by including job information reports.
  • Flexible change order billing - Invoice for change work separately even using a different billing method, such as time and materials billing.
  • Back-charge and cross-charge change orders - Have the capability to perform back charges or move work from one subcontractor to another.
  • Internal change orders - Track all change work whether billed to the client or not. Improve documentation throughout the job for better project management.

Project Work Center
For contractors and builders, clear communication with clients and subcontractors is the key to success - one more reason you need Sage 100 Contractor in your back office. Quickly view and access important job elements that require your attention, such as project management and accounting tasks, from a single screen.

The Project Work Center is your all-in-one command center for key project details. From one user-friendly screen, you can manage every essential task for a job. Arrange Sage Master Builder menu items to view only what you choose.

  • Hot lists - Easily see and act on all outstanding project management and accounting tasks.
  • Job costs - View high-level job information, such as approved changes and costs to date.
  • Gantt charts - Examine production schedule by task grid, Gantt chart or critical path.

With Sage 100 Contractor project management software tools, maintaining your schedule is made easy with a full graphic interface for every task. Scheduling reports let you know where you stand at any moment on an individual job or all your projects as a whole.  Enhance communications with a variety of production-oriented reports such as task lists, subcontractor notices, resource reports, subcontract call sheets, and Gantt charts that can be automatically scheduled to generate on a regular basis and be communicated via e-mail to employees, vendors, clients, and others.

Project Managers can schedule and allocate resources quickly and efficiently with easy-to-use Critical Path Management (CPM) and Gantt chart graphical scheduling integrated with Estimating Basic and allowing you to assign vendor, equipment, and employees to various tasks. Automatically generate a call sheet that lists every subcontractor and supplier needed on your jobs, including their phone numbers, dates, schedules, and work descriptions.

Start on time, finish on time - and come in under budget. Sage 100 Contractor offers powerful, critical path management (CPM) scheduling capabilities and assistance to efficiently allocate production resources. You'll especially appreciate the ability to automatically generate subcontractor and supplier notices informing them when to perform work and make deliveries.

  • Task lists - Generate task lists with all vendors and subcontractors already assigned directly from your estimate when using Estimating Basic
  • Gantt Chart and Critical Path Management - Manage schedules and effectively allocate production resources through an easy-to-use scheduling system.
  • Schedule updating capabilities - Quickly adjust tasks with drag and drop ease; the software will automatically re-adjust other tasks, adding or removing time as required.
  • Project notices - Get your crews and subcontractors on the right jobs at the right time with automated project notices.
  • Supplier notices - Have job materials where they need to be, when they need to be there, with automated materials lists and purchase orders.
  • Automatic report generation - Save time and effort communicating schedule changes. Print, fax, or e-mail these notices to subcontractors, suppliers, and employees at set intervals that you select.

Reporting and Analysis
With fully integrated Sage 100 Contractor analysis and reporting tools, you can generate financial analysis for your company as a whole, as well as a project analysis to see where you stand on each job. You can then make all-important corrections or adjustments for greater and more consistent profitability.

Sage 100 Contractor puts key financial and operations information at your fingertips with executive management tools such as the executive dashboard, project work center, financial review, job cost analysis, and report drill-down on over 1,000 pre-built reports and custom reports.

All Sage Master Builder reports can be customized for your specific needs.  Take advantage of the report drill-down capability to navigate to the numbers and background detail behind the scene. You can also update the information in real time for accurate, up-to-the- minute analysis.

Report Sampler Brochure


Document Control
Increase your productivity by enhancing and automating your communications with your employees, vendors and subcontractors.  With the Document Control option, you will never lose track of important project management documents and you will have complete control of every item needed for a project. Requests for Information (RFIs), Requests for Proposal (RFPs), Transmittals, Submittals, Daily Field Reports, and Correspondence integrate with Estimating, Change Orders, Purchase Orders, Subcontracts and Payroll making the process of project management complete, fast, accurate, and reliable. Document Control Brochure

  • Requests for Information (RFIs) - Document your requests and match to information received.
  • Requests for Proposal (RFPs) ) - Directly generate your RFPs from the takeoff screen and manage them through the bidding process including transferring to purchase orders once subcontracts are approved. Transmittals and submittals—Track all correspondence and replies.
  • Plan records - Maintain plan revisions and document the delivery of critical reports to all parties.
  • Daily field reports - Generate a complete diary of job site information including payroll, subcontract, units complete, equipment use, meetings, incidents, and more.
  • Punch lists - Effectively and completely close each phase of every job with up-to-the-minute to-do lists, including who is assigned to the work and who is responsible for payment.
  • Correspondence - Automatically store and track correspondence in your project database for future reference and reporting.
  • Project Hot List - Don't miss important deadlines with the Project Hot List. Instantly know what items and documents you need to deal with today. The review feature will show all the invoices, change orders, purchase orders, subcontracts and other documents that need your attention. You can drill down to each document with a click of the mouse.

Equipment Management
Equipment can be a major expense and quickly contribute to cost overruns. With Sage 100 Contractor job costing construction software, you can better allocate equipment costs to jobs, and track repair costs, and maintenance to ensure that you recoup these capital outlays.  Equipment Management Brochure

  • Job allocation capability - Improve job cost data and job profitability analysis by allocating equipment costs to specific jobs.
  • Maintenance reports - Use down time to optimize your schedule with up-to-the-minute equipment maintenance schedule reports.
  • Financial information - Make more informed decisions by analyzing up-to-date equipment loan payments and depreciation information with automatically created reports and disbursements.
  • Analysis reports - Use cost, maintenance, and revenue records to quickly determine equipment profitability.
  • Rent, lease, or buy analysis - Compare ownership, lease, or rental options to make the right equipment decisions for your company.
  • Cost recovery analysis - Determine the optimal cost recovery rate for each piece of equipment.

Service Receivables
The Service Receivables portion of this module makes it easy to handle service contracts, service routes, service dispatch, on-call work orders, quotes, and point-of-sale or billing of service work materials.

The Service Receivables portion of this add-on module allows greater flexibility for you to handle your service business the way you want. Schedule service agreement and warranty work effectively as you manage your service technicians by assigning work orders based on client location, priority, technician load, and expertise.

Because Service Receivables fully integrates with Inventory, you can keep inventory up-to-date in real time based on service work completed. Service Receivables/Inventory Brochure

  • Opt to generate billing during or at the end of a job.
  • Export payroll hours from service work orders to payroll.
  • Display Service Dispatch in 15-minute, hourly, or daily increments.
  • Display work orders with user-defined color codes showing client, priority, and zip code.

The Inventory portion of this add-on module allows you to manage basic stock and serialized items for all locations, bin numbers, Materials Safety Data Numbers (MSDN), and manufacturer identifications. You can also apply inventory to a job, re-price inventory, post shrinkage, or create finished goods inventory from stock items and labor. 
Invtentory Brochure

  • Shrinkage and loss prevention oversight - Track materials by inventory location and serial  number.
  • Warehouse labor-cost reduction - Use restocking reports to help automate the truck-stocking  process.
  • Customized inventory-valuation method - Select LIFO, FIFO, or WAC (weighted average cost)  valuation methods to suit your accounting needs.

System Requirements: Sage 100 v19

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